Bio Magnetics Therapy

Bio Magnetics Therapy

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Bio Magnetics Therapy

Lynda Gaynor

Bio Magnetics

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Lynda worked, trained and studied in the health and fitness Industry until 2010 in Australia. Not long after her return to Ireland she realised that there was something missing from her training for optimal performance with her clients.

In 2012 she decided to do a number of courses in the Health Industry which in turn brought herclients to a new level of full health, fitness and well- being.

When witnessing the shift in her client’s health & wellbeing she decided to take on this exciting new treatment. There are only very few Bio Magnetic practitioners in Ireland as she had to travel to San Francisco  to study with Doctor Goiz who worked as a specialist Doctor in Mexico City Hospital. Lynda then proceeded to do hands on training with Rob Renihan who is a leading Bio Magnetics specialist in Ireland, his practice is in Palmerstown Dublin. Over this time Lynda was amazed with the how powerful this treatment truly is.

Now she is the only therapist in the North East.

In Bio Magnetics Body Scan, Lynda will scan your body from top to toe and balance anything that may be causing an underlying health problem such as Toxic Pathogens that cause havoc like Bacteria, Post Viruses, Mould, Fungi which are more common than not.

The main aim of Bio Magnetics is to bring the body back into a neutralised PH balanced state. When the body is neutralised its natural response is to boost the Immune System so potentially the person returns to full health.

Lynda also trained in Personal Training, Strength, Conditioning and Rehabilitation. Kinesiology and Life Coaching which she has integrated in her work over the years.