• Mary Sheridan

    My Personal story Hi there, I’m Mary Sheridan. I’m a Naturopath – Nutritional Therapist A mum of five, partner to very supportive person, surrounded by a fantastic extended family and friends. Yet something was missing. I felt low, low in spirit, low in energy and low self-esteem. This was starting to impact on my health. I felt I had to be everything to everybody because I was at home all of the time. I wasn’t leaving the house to go to work, so I created my own perception of myself having to be available all of the time. So I worked long hours ...

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  • Gary Kiernan

    Gary started his yoga journey in 2012 to help combat his mental health issues, mainly anxiety and depression. Having tried the usual approach visiting doctors and counsellors for a period of time, Gary decided to look into more holistic methods for dealing with and coping with his issues. After attending 1 yoga class a week for 2 years in his local community and visiting his local kinesiologist for work on his energies, Gary could really see the benefit of taking the holistic approach. So, after the 2 years something had changed both mentally and physically for him and he was ready ...

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