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Katie Timmins

Amatsu is one of those hidden gems that people often don’t come across except for word of mouth. I often get “ Joe Bloggs recommended you, he said he doesn’t really know what you do but it works”. So what is it?

It originated in Japan (hence the funny name) and has actually been around for a few thousand years. Luckily a handful of Englishmen and Irishmen studying martial across came across this therapy in Japan, studied it, did the scientific research and got permission to bring it to the western world. Ireland and England are still the only places where this training is available.

Fundamentally Amatsu is a physical therapy. It works with all the soft tissues of the body – muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia etc. In essence it is “body balancing”.

The body is designed to be well. We are designed to move, to be active, to regenerate and to heal. When something goes wrong within the body through injury, illness etc the body will adapt in any way possible to stay functioning. It will do whatever it can to keep you upright and moving. Pain is our warning that something is out of balance.

A lot of modern life is no longer “natural” to the body. We are not designed to sit for long periods. We often spend long periods of time in the car. A lot of what we eat/drink is processed or altered in some way so often the body needs some help to rebalance. This is what Amatsu does. We treat not only the source of pain but work to release the pattern or adaptations the body had made as a result of the problem.

The aim is to reduce pain and improve mobility. It is a non invasive treatment and can work with the deep tissues of the body without force. Because of this it is a very safe therapy for all ages....from newborns to the elderly and everyone in between... and is effective in treating /relieving a huge range of ailments . There are too many to list but some example include:

Sports injuries, Back pain, Neck pain/restrictions, Joint problems, Arthritis, MS, Digestive issues, Menstrual issues, Postural problems, Sciatica, Pain/ discomfort during and post pregnancy, Colicky babies etc.

For more information or any queries get in touch through FB page Katie Timmins Amatsu Therapy or on 085 145 3544