Roswitha Brink Reynolds

Roswitha Brink Reynolds

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Roswitha Brink Reynolds

In 1997 I came to Ireland from Germany where I worked as a nurse in hospital that applied Holistic Therapies alongside Conventional medicine. In Ireland I first studied Holistic Massage Therapy, and then later I became a Polarity Practioner.

Polarity Therapy is a truly Holistic therapy that works with the Human Energy Field. It incorporates body work, self-awareness, diet and yoga exercises which in turn allows me to tailor the treatment to meet the individual needs of the client and to address any physical, mental and emotional imbalances in a safe and supportive environment. This empowers you in your own healing process.

A Polarity session results in a deep relaxation allowing for the release of tension and pain and often shows a visible re-alignment of the body.

I am also a Baby Massage Instructor and I teach parents and guardians to massage their babies. This I can do in a group or in a one to one environment,

As I am still working part time as a nurse I have an understanding of medical conditions and treatments that you may experience. Polarity Therapy can complement conventional medicine and at times can be a real alternative healing with no side effects.


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