Here at The Holistic Gardens we welcome you to experience holistic therapies in our beautiful natural setting.

As Mother Nature balances all things, our aim is to balance your Mind Body & Soul.

We invite you to join us and spend some quality time relaxing, unwinding and connecting with nature. 

Experienced Holistic Practitioners are available to enhance the Holistic Gardens experience –  a wide range of therapies are available on request. One to one consultations, therapies and workshops take place on a regular basis.

Equally spending time in the calm therapeutic environment is also an option. We share the space with 2 ponies, 4 goats, 6 hens, 3 cats and one dog.

A short enclosed walk with areas to stop and take a break is part of the charm of the Holistic Gardens.

Eva is your hostess. Your comfort and enjoyment are our priority.  Eva is a meditation teacher and massage therapist. Treatments and sessions can be arranged for your stay.

We look forward to meeting you here!

General Info

We approximately 5 miles from Bailieborough and 2.5 miles from the nearest village Shercock.

There are many local areas to visit and enjoy in the Cavan area, we have information about places of interest at the Centre.

Wi-Fi is very minimal at the Centre. 3 Network is the only network that picks up coverage in most parts of the Centre. There are hot spots for other Networks. This is not just for The Holistic Gardens, the general area is poor for Wi-Fi coverage.

There is adequate parking for up to 40 vehicles.

Therapists are required to have their own Therapy and Public Liability Insurance.

Clients are asked not to bring or consume alcohol in the Centre.

Therapists are required to deal directly with Clients attending their Workshop or Therapies.

The Holistic Gardens Team will accommodate Therapists for all their requirements relating to Workshops and Treatments.

Terms and Conditions, Costs and General Enquiries are dealt with directly at:
087 1355502 or theholisticgardens@gmail.com